Kenyan Masai beaded leather belts

Beaded leather Kenyan belts made of soft cowhide leather - each bead is hand sewn to a traditional pattern by Zinj Design, a small quality workshop near Kilifi on the Kenyan coast. 
Gaucho Belts are the worldwide specialists in leather Polo belts with over 50 unique designs in four different leathers, including the 14 Kenyan beaded designs shown here.

All sizes available from tiny to extra large, the width is a standard 37.5 mm except for the 'skinny' which is 20mm and the 'thin' Zanzibar which is 30mm.

Measurement is taken where the buckle joins the leather from the first to the last of 5 holes.

Trouser sizes vary so please measure your waist then add 1 inch.

*FREE cotton gift bag with every order.


Kenyan beaded leather belts