About Us

In 2006 Gaucho Belts became the first original designer and importer of polo belts in the UK. The name was originally Gaucho Club (a take on the famous Groucho Club) hovever sales grew when we suggested, in our name, that customers might be buying a belt!

In Argentina where polo is king the snappily dressed locals call these polo belts (originally made in team colours) they now compliment many a well tailored jodhpur or designer jean. Hand-made in small Buenos Aires saddleries we offer both the largest collection and the finest quality featuring over fifty belts in four different leathers. Take a look at our colourful embroidered dog collars, leads and hand-made Gaucho wallets.

We spent a great deal of time toiling around the Masai Mara and slogging along the white sand beaches of the Kenyan coast to find the very best bead and leather workers, in fact we regularly visit just to confirm.........

It's not often that you can feel good ethically and buy something really beautiful at the same time! Our Kenyan belts and dog collars are made of soft leather and each bead is hand sewn to a traditional design by a women's cooperative in the Masai.