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to Gaucho Belts, the number one designer of leather polo belts for men and women. In Argentina, where polo is king, the snappily-dressed locals call these polo belts – they were originally made in team colours. Our exclusive designs now complement many a well-tailored jodhpur or designer jean.

Our embroidered Argentinian leather range

Our embroidered leather polo belts are hand-made in small Buenos Aires saddleries. We offer both the largest collection and only the finest quality featuring over fifty belts in four different leathers. Also take a look at our colourful embroidered dog collars, dog leads and hand-made Gaucho embroidered leather wallets.

Our Kenyan Masai beaded leather range

It’s not often that you can feel good ethically and buy something really beautiful at the same time! Our Kenyan beaded leather belts and dog collars are made of soft leather and each bead is hand sewn to a traditional pattern by Zinj Design, a small workshop near Kilifi on the Indian Ocean.

It's all in the detail...

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Even better gifts.

Even better gifts.

Luxury embroidered belts now come with a stylish cotton gift bag. ...
Top model wears couture Gaucho Belts

Top model wears couture Gaucho Belts

Not what you were expecting, I'm sure. But Maggie here is wearing a Kilimanjaro whippet/greyhound collar made excusively for us. She is related to several Crufts winners of this and previous years. So definitely well bred! ...
Customer Testimonials
«Belt arrived and it is beautiful however The sizing guide is absolutely useless. I ordered a belt adding the extra inches on to ensure I bought the right size especially after the warnings on the site. It is far far too small. It is 4 inches smaller than another polo belt i have previously ordered from another company of the same size. I am sending the belt back and need to reorder the co ...»

Sophie hereford

Belts and dog collar
«great service and advice. Beautiful quality and designs.»

DebC Derbys

Looks amazing!
«Received thank you, looks amazing!

Thank you to David for recommending your company, please update me when the lead is in stock.

Regards, Suzanne»